Packing for my winter trip


Hello Everyone!!

Sorry I have been so late on getting my blog post up! This is everything I packed for my trip back home to Ohio!  I have been loving my new suitcase from It is a hard shell suitcase so I never have to worry about my things inside breaking or being damaged. It is also the perfect size so I don’t over pack (which I usually always do!! )

When planning what to pack, I usually lay all of my clothes on my bed or floor to create different outfits before packing them away in my suitcase. You want to stick with a neutral color palette and pack a lot of basics with a few statement pieces thrown in.

Here is a list of outfits I brought with me:

Six tops:
Two handbags:
One Jacket:
To save even more room in your suitcase, one of the outfits can be worn to the airport! Whenever I travel with a hat, I prefer to wear it to the airport instead of packing it in my luggage so that it wont get ruined!