New Skin Care

Happy Friday!

I wanted to share some amazing new products I’ve been trying and absolutely loving. When I was first contacted by Enza Essentials I was first hesitant because I have semi-sensitive skin. They asked me questions all about my skin type ( which is combination / oily) and put together a customized skin care regimen that is made just for me! The first week I tried these products I saw a huge difference in my skin. My blemishes around my chin and forehead were drastically smaller. By week four of  using these products my skin not only looks but feels so much better too!

I have added some photos of the products below and some of my favorites as well. If this system works like it did for me, I’m sure it will work for you too!


The Cool Sustaining Toner and the Spot Extractor are my two FAVORITES!! IMG_2513

Here is my regimen they put together. It gives you step by step instructions on what do do day and night. 




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