My Top Ten Amazon purchases


1. Velvet Hangers

The hangers are the absolute best. They really help to keep your clothes from falling and I love that the metal hanger part is movable. It also has small ridges to place shoulders and they’re gentle on your clothes.

2. Wet Brush

I’ve been using these wet brushes for years and swear they make my hair healthier. It really helps to not pull on my hair and removes tangles seamlessly. I also use this brush on my wet or dry hair.

3. Conair Steamer

I use this steamer almost daily. It’s the perfect size and also great for traveling.

4. L’Oreal Spray Tan

This is an only but one of my absolute favorite self tanners that I just repurchased. I use the shade deep and it gives you an overall glow. Would highly recommend, especially for the price.

5. Micellar Foaming Face Wash

I just recently purchased this face wash and fell in love. Its super gentle and has a really fresh smell.

6. Cerave Moisutrizer

This is another product I use every morning and night. I love how hydrating this moisturizer is and it features hyaluronic acid. I saw a huge difference in my skin since I’ve used this!

7. Glamorous Wash Detergent

I purchased this detergent last year and completely fell in love. This scent is pretty strong but I love the way it makes my towels and sheets smell.

8. Jabra Wireless Headphones

One of my favorite Amazon finds are these Wireless Headphones. They’re great for working out and everyday use. I love that they stay charged for weeks and have alexa built-in.

9. Marble Diffuser

I use this diffuser mainly at night to make our bedroom smell like lavender. It helps create a calm aroma and I really love the look of this one.

10. Neato Vacuum 

Saved the best for last, but literally I use this every single day. This vacuum is a life saver when it comes to sweeping and saving time. I have it on a schedule everyday and it even shows me a map of the area its cleaned. 100% would recommend.




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