We’re Building A House!!


Buckle up because this post is going to be a long one! November 2017 we moved from San Diego when my husband got out of the Marine Corps and we knew we wanted to live close to family. We started looking right away but couldn’t find anything we absolutely loved. Most were fixer uppers (which neither my husband or I are very handy) or too far away from family.

When we would go house hunting, we would always pass this area where my husband said he would love to live. It’s on a golf course and I said absolutely NOT (lol) because I would not want golf balls going through the windows. After searching for months, with no luck, I finally caved and agreed to look at some lots near the golf course my husband had first pointed out. I ended up falling in love with the area and could envision our family growing up there.

We purchased the lots April 2018 and went to find a architect to help put our ideas on paper. After a few meetings, we finally had something we both loved and were ready to start looking for a builder.

Looking for a builder was tough. It took us months to find the right one that had everything we wanted and a time frame that was right. Most builders in our area are very busy and we wanted to get started as soon as possible.

Fast forward to present, we are under construction and couldn’t be happier to finally progress. Head below to find some of our pictures from the process and let me know in the comments below if you would like a more in-depth post about anything I talked about! Also, I have a new home tab on my blog with all of the upcoming posts about anything Home related.