Summer Book Review

Book Review for Summer

Happy Sunday! This summer has been filled with some amazing reads that I thought I would have to share. Majority are thrillers that keep the page turning! Let me know in the comments below if you have read any of my favorites or a suggestion. I also linked a few of my prior book reviews below!

  1. Something In the Water – This is one of my favorites from this list. It’s about a couple who takes a trip on their honeymoon and find themselves in a sticky situation with criminals. What will they decide to do? It was such a quick read and would highly recommend.
  2. The Millionaire’s Wife – This was another thriller that I read super fast. Anna gets a strange email where she sees a dead women and she may not remember everything from her past. This book has so many twists and is another 5/5 stars for me.
  3. The Other Women – I found this book through Reece Witherspoon’s Book Club and it was such a fun one to read. This book is about a young couples relationship and the mother seems to be butting in all the time in a very strange way. It will have you questioning his past relationships and what the mother will do.
  4. Little Fires Everywhere – This book is not a typical read for myself but I did enjoy it! I also had my sister-in-law read this one and she LOVED it. It’s another one from Reese’s Book Club and would highly recommend.
  5. The Girl Before – This book is different from a lot of the one’s I read because it’s about two girls perspectives about a house that they lived in. This home is a very modern home that comes with strict guidelines if you want to live there. It’s another one that will keep you on your toes!!
  6. The Couple Next Door – Finally, I saved the best for last because this one is my favorite book I’ve read this summer. Mainly because I never knew what was going to happen. This is a MUST!

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