Fall Book Review


Hi Guys! It has been quite a while that I have done a book review and I have read a few really great thrillers I wanted to share with you. Also, if you’ve read any good books recently let me know in the comments below!

Her One Mistake

I obviously love thrillers and this may be one of my favorite books on this list. When Charolette offers to watch her friends daughter and also take her kids to a small festival, her friend is hesitant but allows her anyway. When they get their the kids run to the bounce houses and she grabs a coffee quick at one of the booths. When she turns to watch the kids, she notices that her friends daughter is missing. This book keeps you on your toes and has chilling twists. I would highly recommend.

Baby Doll

If you’re looking for a thriller this is another one that sucks you in right from the first page. However, it does have some pretty violent parts, fyi! This book is about a women who has been kidnapped since she was 16. She now has a daughter with the captor and finds a way to escape. She finds that she is still in her home town, even though she hasn’t seen the world in 8 years. She is reunited with her twin sister and her mother, and she has to deal with the stress of what will happen to her captor.

Someone We Know

Sheri Lapena has easily become one of my favorite authors. I also love books that keep me on my toes and this one had an array of twists. 16-year old Raleigh loves computers and he starts breaking into homes for fun to hack into their accounts. When his mother, finds out about the break-ins, she leaves anonymous notes to let the homeowners know what her son has been up to. However, one of the houses he broke into, there was just a murder. This book takes you down an array of paths to who killed her and what Raleigh found on the little town’s computers.

Then She Was Gone

I really enjoyed this read as well. Fifteen year old Ellie is a perfect daughter, with phenomenal grades, nice friends and a loving boyfriend. When one day she goes missing, her mother, Laurel,  is in shambles. Ten years later, Laurel decides to start dating again after a divorce, when she finds that her boyfriend’s youngest daughter looks strikingly like her missing daughter. This book is another page-turner and you can’t wait to see what happens next.

Watching You

Finally, I just finished this book yesterday and I really enjoyed it. However I would say this one does start off a little slow but then really picks up the pace after a few chapters. This book also has so many characters in it, that’s kind of hard to explain. When a very wealthy, small town in England has a murder, someone has to know something. This was a really great read and would recommend this one as well!

Finally, I just started the book Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware and will let you guys know what I think in my next review!