What I actually used in my hospital bag and Newborn must-haves

Happy Thursday Friends! I hope you’re staying safe and healthy during this time. It has been a little over three weeks since Vivian has entered this world and the two most asked questions I’ve gotten is what I packed in my hospital bag and what my baby must-haves are. I thought I would make a post on all of my favorite products that we have absolutely loved. Keep scrolling to find all of my must-haves!


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  1. Dock-A-Tot: This is a must-have for us! We have used it daily and I love that the cover is washable. Vivian absolutely loves to sleep in this and I really like how the sides snuggle her in.
  2. Nuna Pippa Car Seat: We received this car seat as a gift and I LOVE how lightweight it is! I also like how long the canopy is which is great for covering her from the sun and germs while out and about.
  3. Barefoot Dreams Baby Blanket: This blanket is SOO soft and I love wrapping her up in it. This is not exactly a must-have but we use it daily and it washes nicely too.
  4. Boppy Lounger: We just started using this lounger this week and she absolutely loves it. I like how it sits her up so she can look around. It’s also under $40!
  5. Evenflo Travel System: The stroller I originally bought was only for toddlers and I didn’t realize until she was here. So my we purchased this set from Walmart and we really like it. It’s inexpensive and really great quality. It also works for newborns and toddlers, as well.
  6. Ely’s & Co. Swaddles: We received these swaddles as a gift and Vivian absolutely loves them. I also really like how easy they are to put on and off.
  7. Freshly Picked Diaper Bag: I really loved the look of this bag and the size! I think its perfect and the features including all of the pockets, insulated bottle slots and all of the ways you can carry it totally sold me!
  8. MamaRoo: This is a bit of a splurge item that was gifted to us but Vivian absolutely loves it. It has a bunch of different swing options and sounds that soothes her every time.
  9. Copper Pearl Burp Clothes: These burp clothes are the best! They’re super absorbant and thick, which I love! They also wash nicely and come in the cutest prints.
  10. Gripe Water: WOW, we love this product. Vivian gets the hiccups at least once a day  (and she hates them) and this Gripe Water makes them go away almost instantly.
  11. Wipe Warmer: Vivian loves having warm wipes instead of cold! Totally worth the $20.
  12. Hatch Night Light: We love this nightlight / sound machine combo and all of the different options that it has!
  13. Baby Shusher: We take this with us everywhere! This baby shusher works wonders!
  14. Skip Hop Whale Tub: This is the bathtub we are currently using and we love it!

TWO ITEMS I FORGOT THAT WE LOVE: Owlet Smart Sock and Magnetic Me Baby Sleepers


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  1. Honest Company Nip Balm: This stuff was awesome and really helped with the pain during breastfeeding.
  2. Lansinoh Gel Pads: I also used these pads for pain relief and loved them!
  3. Nordstrom Pajamas: These were a total must-have for me and have already bought another pair! They’re lightweight, so soft, and super easy for breastfeeding. However, they do run a touch big!
  4. Baby Nail Trimmer: We LOVE this nail trimmer. It’s so soft and makes trimming her nails a breeze. I was so glad I had this in my hospital bag because her nails were so long!
  5. Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: I was also really glad to have this cardigan with me! I also packed a blanket but used this way more to stay warm.
  6. Extra Long Phone Charger: Since our family couldn’t be there for her delivery, I wanted to make sure my phone was charged so we could send pictures and face time. A long phone charger made it nice to reach near the bed and keep the battery full!
  7. Dry Shampoo: Saved my hair from having to wash it during my stay!
  8. Hush Portable Sound Machine: The noises of the hospital at night are kinda loud, especially in the delivery part. This sounds machine was awesome and its small in size, which was great for packing.
  9. Makeup Wipes: These are the makeup wipes I picked up for the hospital and really liked them and they smelt great.
  10. Nursing Bras: These nursing bras are the best! I loved having these and they’re so comfortable.

A few things I didn’t have on my list was to make sure to bring your own toiletries. I also packed my own pillow and blanket to make myself more comfortable. We brought our Alexa speaker and played our own music, which I thought was a nice distraction during labor. Hope this helps any new mommas or mommas-to-be 🙂 Let me know in the comments what your favorite items are!