Bumpdate & Pregnancy Favorites


HATCH Belly Oil // HATCH Down Girl Lotion // Pregnancy Pillow // YETI Tumbler // Maternity Leggings // Prenatal Vitamins // Bath Bubbles // Chapstick // BP Tank Tops // Belly Band // Burt’s Bees Belly Butter

Hey guys! I’ve had quite a few questions asking what my favorite items are from this pregnancy and so I thought I would round them all up in a post as well as give you guys a bump date. I am officially in my third trimester and it’s crazy how fast this pregnancy has gone. In case you missed it we recently announced we are having a baby girl and we’re over the moon excited. I’ve started ordering a few outfits and swaddles as well as planning her room and I can’t wait to share it all with you!

SYMPTOMS: I honestly consider myself to be extremely fortunate and blessed throughout this pregnancy. I’ve felt great the entire time and haven’t been sick at all. I do have heartburn almost daily, but since entering my third trimester it has eased up a bit! Sleeping has also gotten a little tricky now that my bump has gotten bigger and pregnancy insomnia is no joke! My pregnancy pillow does help a lot though and so does taking a bath at night. One of my other symptoms I’ve had this pregnancy is calf cramps at night, however ever since I’ve been using the HATCH Down Girl Lotion it has helped tremendously! It also helps with swelling, which I haven’t had yet, thank goodness!

FASHION: One item that I have absolutely loved lately is this Ingrid & Isabel Everyday Bellaband. I love that this allows me to still wear my pre-pregnancy jeans and love the support it also gives the bump. I also just got in a pair of maternity jeans that I really like that I will link here and have been living in these maternity leggings.

PRODUCTS: One product I can’t rave enough about is the HATCH Belly Oil and I really think it has helped with not having any stretch marks so far! I also love that it absorbs super quickly, which is so nice because it doesn’t get on your clothes. I also loved that it doesn’t have a strong smell. However, before I found oil I was using the Burt’s Bee’s Belly Butter and really like that too.

Let me know in the comments if you have any more questions! I would also love to know if you’re expecting too and what your favorite products are.